The struggle in our minds...

One of the greatest issues that most people have to overcome, is what goes on inside their head. I have said many times that "we" are usually our worst enemy. As our mind throws around the shoulda, coulda woulda's, of any given situation, we can be overwhelmed by the aggravation that it stirs up. Unfortunately, we cannot go back and change the past. Sometimes we can apologize or even do something to try and right the wrong. But the impact that our decisions and actions created, will never be fully undone. For the warrior, this is an ongoing dilemma. One that not only frustrates that individual, but has on ongoing affect on their family, friends and acquaintances. And the greatest tragedy of the whole situation, is that MOST people do not care enough to try and understand what that warrior is dealing with day to day. Sights, sounds, smells, etc. all play into the memories that have been forged by their experience. In addition, their are flashbacks, nightmares, painful memories and broken promises that together can become an overwhelming force to endure. To those who have not walked in our boots, PLEASE have some patience. We did not ask for this type of mental and emotional pain. We merely became molded by the experiences we have endured on your behalf. All we ask is that you now do your best to help us through our struggle, by giving a little grace and understanding of the issues we face. As you do, please know that no one is more frustrated with the way we act than we are. Many times walking through life hating the person we have become.

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