Moving Beyond the Past

As I travel I find that many people get derailed or at least delayed in life by their past. Through the years this is something that I have also had to deal with as I attempted to move forward to the victorious future that God has for me.

The problem with the past is that is it readily available to our remembrance. We are reminded by family and friends who cannot look beyond our mistakes. People who in their attempt to help us may do more to hinder our advancement. We also have our own memory to contend with in the battle of our thoughts. Old 'things' that just keep popping up when some other event or word may trigger that response. The next thing I know I am frustrated with the decisions I made 25 years ago.

Our final reminder is the devil himself. You can discount his involvement or even his existence if you like, but he is a major player in the lies and deceit that flood your mind. He is always there to guide you back to your checkered past. His sole purpose in this is to keep you from looking to the victorious future that God has designed for you. Here is the picture I draw to help others understand this issue:

Think of a dog who chases his tail. You watch as he runs around and around trying to

catch something that he can never seem to reach. It is always just one step ahead of him.

Yet, he will not give up the chase until he is completely exhausted and has to lie down.

We act in much the same way. We get caught up in chasing the 'tale'. Yes that is the correct spelling. It is the tale of our past that we chase over and over. We typically cannot find a solution, likely will not resolve that past issue and will only tire ourselves out in the process. What does this do? It depletes our time, energy and resources. The by product being that we do not have what we need to face or even pursue our future. This in and of itself can limit the success that we will see as we pursue life.

So try this: Next time you begin chasing your 'tale', ask God to remove you from this process. Tell Him and yourself that you do not want to think about these things anymore. And ask Jesus to stop the enemy from bringing this garbage into your thoughts.

Here is my prayer in that situation: "Lord I thank you for bringing me beyond my past and securing for me a hope and a future of peace in your arms. Father I asked you today to help me stop thinking about these distractions. I do not want to think about them anymore. Lord if there is something for me to learn from my past, then I trust you to show me that lesson. However, if this is the enemy working against me I ask in Jesus name that you stop Him right now and send him away from my presence. Lord thank you for saving me from myself and from my past. May you be honored as I love and serve you forever. Amen.

Try it and see that God will be faithful to do what He says He will do to protect His child.

Have a blessed and wonderful future.

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