The Little Foxes

In King Solomon's story of the vineyard (Song of Songs Chapter 2), he speaks about the little foxes ruining the vineyards. The story comes from issues in life. Not only the problems faced by vineyard growers, but also the problems faced by individuals in the spiritual walk.

It seems that when the fox enters a vineyard, they dig holes for dens, make paths through the rows, eat the young growing shoots and devour as many grapes as they can. These little foxes can cause major problems for the growers and destroy huge amounts of crop. Unfortunately, they must be destroyed to limit the damage that they cause.

But the little foxes spoken of in the Bible are not just based on the vineyard. It also refers to the little things in life that can overwhelm or undermine our walk with Christ. These are the little problems, little lies, poor commitments and so many other issues that can cloud our life. Things that crop of from day to day and distract us from the things of God. And similar to the vineyard, which is destroyed by foxes and limits production for the buyers. The little things that divert us from our path in God, also have direct and indirect effects on those around us.

Think of it this way: If I allow the little things each day to frustrate me, then I may become fixated on my problems and miss seeing a specific opportunity that God has for me at that particular moment. Did I pass by the one who needed to hear that Jesus loves them? Did I miss an opportunity to encourage another human being who has been devastated in their own life? Perhaps it was my day to encourage another brother or sister in Christ to continue on their path of ministry? But if I am inwardly focused on the little pests that invade my life, then I become an unavailable vessel for God to pour Himself in and through.

Here are the facts: You and I will have bad days. But Jesus said be happy, because He has overcome the world. So today, stand firm on the promises of God. Life your eyes to the heavens and cry out to your creator and loving Father. Give Him all of your needs and ask Him to reveal and destroy the little foxes that are in and around you. Then you will become a more available servant to the King of Kings.

Today, look beyond your difficulties and into the eyes of the one who can carry you far beyond all your needs.

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