I never imagined that I would be writing a book, let alone a series of books. However, God has given me many things to share as He has brought me and my family through the hardships of life. I trust that He will now use it to help you move beyond your life's struggles and grow stronger as the warrior of God that He has destined you to become. All glory and honor to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

Becoming A Warrior For Christ


                                       ISBN   978-0-7361-0540-8


"If you do not believe that our churches need a wake up call you can ignore this book. On the other hand it's message could head us in the right direction".

John Ashcroft - Former U.S. Attorney General


"Sublime, raw, vulnerable, honest and victorious...

I use these words not for his powerful book, Tactical Christianity, but for my co-laborer in Christ, Rev Jerry Peters.  Many a minister writes out of what they meditate on but they never 'let you in' to their personal experience.  Jerry bids all that know him to join with him on his own journey of redemption & healing, of experiencing Christ in raw intimacy & honest vulnerability.  He does this after journeying as law officer, soldier, pastor, faithful husband and who has truly gone thru the valley of the shadow of death. He is tough, yet kind...honest, but merciful.  He has challenged & blessed me more than I can ever tell him, and seeing his passion for the Lord and His people inspires me to pour thru what the Lord has anointed him to write.  I am grateful for his friendship, and commend him to all who would hear what the Lord is saying thru Him, either thru his speaking or thru his latest devotional..."

Rev Dean Niforatos, Author & Co-Founder

Director Spiritual Oversight, Global Outreach Foundation


"Jerry Peters is not some theologian viewing life from an academic tower. He is a warrior for Jesus Christ. Fueled by an intense passion to serve others, this seasoned veteran of the Lord’s Army combines biblical truth with lessons forged through personal experience in the trenches of life to provide a practical manual for spiritual warfare. Each of the nine chapters of Tactical Christianity contains practical “how to” lessons necessary for victorious Christian living. Never one for political correctness, Jerry’s loving, but no nonsense approach offers helpful insights for anyone desiring to serve effectively as a Christian warrior in today’s world". 

Scott McChrystal, CH (COL), USA Ret.
Mil/VA Rep & Endorser


"Are you prepared to overcome the trials that you’ll face as you begin confronting spiritual forces...Are you willing to be fully committed to become the warrior that God designed you to be?"



"Here, we stand with the very power of God to overcome any issue in life. The power to face giants and win against their advanced weapons with a simple rock and a slingshot. Yet we cower to a nation making laws against the Bible, leadership denying prayer in schools, and legislation that removes scripture verses from our courts and government buildings."



"...we must continually strive to become effective warriors for Christ as we engage in the fight against this enemy who seeks to destroy us. This is an essential part in the development of our attitude as a warrior..."



"A terrorist in all actuality is the ULTIMATE COWARD, hiding behind women and children to carry out their destruction. They will even use their own family as a shield to fulfill their mission. Just as the devil uses innocent and unknowing victims to carry out his evil plans..."