Jerry Peters has worked as a Pastor and Chaplain providing leadership and encouragement in a variety of settings. He is the founder and former director of Operation Life Support and Integrity Ministries International. These ministries focused on helping others understand the healing process that must take place after a loss; and how God can use our past experiences to assist others in walking through their own tragedies, as we become an avenue of spiritual renewal and outreach. He has also provided guidance to several groups who work with veterans and their families as they recover from the results of their selfless service to our Nation.

Throughout his life Jerry has been involved in a variety of stress related duties. He has served as a Deputy United States Marshal, Anti-Terrorism Expert for the Department of State and completed three tours in Afghanistan under contract with USSOCOM. Jerry has trained elite units throughout the world and has survived through countless missions. Jerry's commitment to God and Country is proven by the undying respect of his peers and the commendations he has received from our Nation. That commitment and desire to assist his peers was refocused after a disabling line of duty injury forced an early retirement from his chosen career as a United States Marshal. However, he has turned this into a positive event by utilizing that life experience to help those in need and train others to continue that mission.


Here is an excerpt from his story:

During my career as a United States Marshal and through other operational missions, I have successfully completed many difficult and dangerous tasks. However, success only came as a result of working together with others to complete our operational goals. This mission of helping others in crisis uses the same team concept in combating the negative effect of high stress crisis events and the disasters of life.


On the streets and throughout life I have seen many people struggle during times of pain and suffering. In addition, I have  experienced many tragedies of my own; injuries, loss of life and many other horrible events that fill my mind. In 2003, we walked through the fire again as our 19 year old son was disabled in Iraq while serving with the U.S. Army. Later my tours in Afghanistan once again brought about tragedy and loss that rocked me to my core. With all of this in my past, I would say that me and my family understand heartache and pain in a real world way. But the scripture found in  2 Corinthians 1:3-4 tells our story...'We go through these things to help others in like situations with the help and comfort that God has given us.' We serve a mighty, loving and faithful God. Looking back, I can see how the situations I have endured allow me to help others as they go through their own tragedies in life.

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Jerry is an encouraging and motivational speaker. He is available as a keynote speaker for your church, men's group or business event.
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